The Louisiana Orthopaedic Political Action Committee serves as the political arm of the Louisiana Orthopaedic Association.

It is critically important for orthopaedic surgeons to be involved in our efforts to gain access to key lawmakers through political involvement.



From:Clark Gunderson, M.D., Chairman
Louisiana Orthopaedic Political Action Committee (LOPAC)

Thank you for being a valued member of the Louisiana Orthopaedic Association. 

We sincerely appreciate your involvement and your financial support of LOPAC. Chiropractors, physical therapists and trial lawyers all donate heavily to their established political action committees (PACs). Likewise, it is critically important that Orthopaedic Surgeons donate to our PAC. 

Just this session, as we do every session, we represented your interests down at the Louisiana State Capitol. Cindy Bishop, who serves as LOA’s Executive Director and Lobbyist, is stationed at the Capitol for the entire legislative session, monitoring bills that would hurt our profession and endanger your patients and advocating on our behalf. 

Your PAC investment helps to give the LOA greater access to state lawmakers. Dr. Judson Penton, one of valued LOPAC donors said : 

"I decided to spend 84 dollars a month to protect my profession as a practicing Orthopaedic surgeon. LOPAC is one of the only organizations that will actively protect our profession and the interests of our patients. When I pay more a month for my cell phone or Internet bill, protecting my profession for 84 dollars a month was a no-brainer. "

To sign up to pay $84 per month, visit our website at or contact Sarah Heath at Please donate today to LOPAC so we can help our friends in the legislative arena. 

You can add your investment to your 2019 membership dues statement or can contribute online by visiting the LOPAC website

Contributions may be written on a personal or a corporate check. LOPAC is a not-for-profit, organization. Contributions may not be not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes to the extent that payments are not made to 501 (c) (3) organizations. PAC contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. 

Dr. Clark Gunderson 
LOA ~ Legislative Chairman